Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BlackBerry Playbook Will Support Android Applications

RIM has made good movement, as for me the company attempts to keep the interest of tablet fans on their BlackBerry Playbook or potential buyers by offering the Android apps compatible.

And yes, recently the Canadian-based company has announced their Playbook running on OS 2.0 software (at least) will be supporting Android applications in the near future.

And all the Android applications will be listed in their App World, and available both free or paid. And invite all the Android app developers to repackage their apps to be compatible with Playbook with 0S 2.0, as well as BlackBerry 10 devices.

BlackBerry Playbook Android App Support

This predictable movement elaborated on the company official developer site. RIM says, the idea was encouraged during CES and developer meet-ups also conferences they have attended, seeing the great response for BlackBerry Playbook Runtime for Android Apps built-in! Therefore, they are pleased to decide to open access for Android applications availability once BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 launched.

However RIM set number of rules before the applications to be approved. Here they are.
BlackBerry App World Rules For Android App Approval

And RIM promised the app submitting and porting process will be easy. However to help your application get more exposure toward consumer and ensuring broader, RIM recommends to perform app submission by February 6th, 2012.

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