Sunday, January 1, 2012

How To Downgrade PlayBook OS To Or

Blackberry has updated their OS to OS (Beta) in order to close down the access for rooting the BlackBerry Playbook using the DingleBerry tool. So, the result is no one will be able to root their Playbook anymore, albeit if you able to you won't get anything valuable, as for the most valuable result offered by rooting your Playbook, which is Android Market is not longer work, since RIM has broken the market account and sync. How pathetic.

But, fortunately workaround to the said problem appeared, what else beside downgrade back to the OS (beta)? Even though the official download link for the OS is no longer available. But worry not, people from OpenSourceBB have post the how to tutorial to get the OS version available plus the OS links.

So you can downgrade your Playbook OS to the older versions and finally be able to root your Playbook and gaining access to Android Market.

In overall, the workaround is to fool your BB Desktop software to install the to your Playbook. And OSSB has provided the link to the said OS.

Let's reclaim the 2.0.04869 OS to root your PLaybook afterward:

How to downgrade Playbook OS from (Beta) to or

Step 1. Download the latest release of BB Desktop Software from OSBB. Then backup your Playbook OS -- Not recommended -- however it's better to do so. Here is the link.

Step 2. Download the QCFM from Multiupload here -- and then extract the file to your desktop:

Step 3. Head to C:\Users\*Your User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Loader Cache. To get to the directory your system might ask you to enable viewing hidden files or folder, if that so to reach there - simply open the options of your folder to enable it below View tab, now you will see it.

Enable Hidden Files

Step 4. Open Desktop Software, and then click Device tab, choose "Update", you will be notified for no updates available. Ignore it, then click "View Other Versions", on the lower part of the screen. Choose OS2 to downgrade to, or OS1 to downgrade to Once you've selected the OS, hit "Install" to begin the installation.

And if you choose OS 2, would be like this and then hit INSTALL:

Step 5. Back to Loader Cache folder -- see the step 3. You will be seeing folder, could be one or two folders, if there are two, then see date and hours of folder -- pick the newest one. In that folder you will find the Playbook OS.
Step 6. Just wait for QCFM finish downloading the OS, it's 200 mb size -- could be better to take a cup coffee while waiting. And then rename the QCFM bar you have downloaded from step 2 with similar name of the QCFM bar that BlackBerry Desktop Software downloaded.

Step 7. Replace the QCFM bar you downloaded using Desktop Software with the one from step 2 above. You can both drag and drop it or copy and paste it. Once the popup appears saying "duplicate files", means you are on the right road.
Replace BB QCFHM

Step 8. Again, just wait for the downgrading process to takes place, it will downgrade your Playbook. Once it's finished, you should see your OS version is already downgraded to your chosen version -- simply open options and check OS version of yours on About menu.

Step 9. Finish.

Congratulation now your OS is downgraded you can continue to jailbreak your PLaybook using DingleBerry tool or
fix bricked Playbook And Factory Reset BlackBerry Playbook.



Stuck on Step 5. In BB Desktop, there is no option for "View Other Versions" when I hit update. I get a popup that says to receive email alerts for software updates. Is there a way to get around this?

Hey @Anonymous, have you downloaded the latest desktop software on the step 1?

I dont have that "LoaderCache" file in the folder:
C:\Users\*Your User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry

what did I do wrong?

Can't find the folder on the desktop to place the older version(no loader folder)?

i have the same problem

I dont have that "LoaderCache" file in the folder:
C:\Users\*Your User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Research In Motion\BlackBerry

what should i do?

Your links for downloading the earlier OS files do not seem to be working.

you have to frirst have started download (update) with the Blackberry Desktop Software. soon its starts disconect your PLAYBOOK and the download will continue

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