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How To Fix Facetime And iMessage Waiting For Activation Problem On iPhone

If you are here because to find a how to guide to fix Facetime and iMessage problem, because they are stuck on Waiting for Activation. Then you are in the right place. In case you have a jailbroke iPhone (3GS baseband 6.15.00, 4 baseband 4.10.1) running on iOS 5 or 5.0.1 you will likely experience the Facetime and iMessage doesn't activate.

So to fix the said problem, you can follow the guide in this post. Firstly, download the latest iTunes 10.6.1 or newer version, and use Wifi or data as your internet connection.

How to fix Facetime and iMessage doesn't activate (Waiting for Activation) on iPhone.

Step 1. Now turn your off Facetime and iMessage if they are on.

Step 2. Open Cydia and then add the following url repo source. Do so by navigate to Manage >> Sources >>> Edit >> Add.

Repo Bingnger Cydia

Step 3. After you added the url, now search and then install Cydia for SAM.

Step 4. After SAM is succesffully installed, now open SAMPrefs on your iPhone's Homescreen and then head to Utilities.

Step 5. Click on the Revert Lockdown to stock. You will get a message saying it's successful. And then click on De-Activate iPhone (clear push). You will get a success message appears for second times. Simply click on OK then to close it.

Step 6. Plug your iPhone to computer, and then launch iTunes. Don't worry if the error message appears, it means everything is fine. And then sync your device, do so by right-click on your device on the left window pane and then choose Sync.

Step 7. After the sync process completed, launch SAMPrefs on your iPhone and then click on More Information. If you get WildcardActivated, means you are on the right road, and you can continue to the next steps.

Step 8. Back to SAMprefs and go to Utilities. Click on Backup Activation on Restore Activation option. Then you'll find your iPhone respiring afterward.

Step 9. Reboot the device of yours, and then sync it with iTunes again. Once the sync completed. Open the Appstore and then search for iPusher and install it.

Step 10. After iPushes is installed successfully. Again, reboot your device. For the last time, sync your device to iTunes again. Afterward open iPusher. Then click on Test Push Notifications field, and after sometime, you will be notified with this message: Yay, push notifications work fine!

Step 11. Done. Now turn your FaceTime and iMessage ON. Do so by navigate to Settings > iMessage or Facetime to ON. Now they are fully activated. If otherwise, I mean you fail to activate them, then reboot your device once again and then try to turn them ON once more. This will work.

Congratulation now you have fixed FaceTime and iMessage Waiting for Activation problem on iPhone 3G or iPhone 4.


SUPER THANK YOU!!! iMessage working now on my JailBroken iPhone 3GS 32GB! After thorough research and keenly following details of this how-to-fix instructions, finally I've done it! Thanks! Kudos to Javo, GTI993 and to this link -- Thanks! ^_^

I am glad to know this post has fixed your problem Abby's!

Thank You So Much!
It Works!!
Again Thanks You so much!!
GBU :)

I don't have original sim card so I simply get "the sim card inserted in this iphone does not seem to be supported"

thanks a lot!

i've searched and tried everything else on the net regarding this activation issue. THIS IS THE ONLY ONE THAT WORKED!

more power and keep up the good work!

Wow! I have been struggling for days to get this work. These steps helped me to get iMessage working on my iPhone 3GS. Thanks a lot.

My iPhone froze after that Springboard reboot while installing SAM

I too have the same problem dude. Tsssk. Help!

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Hey i do not have the revert lockdown tab :P

If you don't see revert lockdown, you have to de-activate first, then it appears.

Facetime says it's working, but iMessage still doesn't. Any other help?
Iphone 4, IOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken, Unlocked using Redsn0w. Baseband 1.59.00

great and thanks. it's working fine.

working great. thanks a lot.

i cant sync my device as i cant find a sync option at left window pane of d screen..n now itunes is also showing sim card unsuported..please help :-/

I have done all that the instructions have said and iPusher has said my push notifications work fine and i have rebooted many times but still factime and imessage say waiting for activation...

what if its not jailbroken?

i cant sync my device, simcard unsupported pls help

Hi, I really need help for my Iphone 4S thou.. the lockdown is not working for my 4s. Can it be used on 4s??

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