Monday, November 14, 2011

Fix Contact Bug Issue Or Address Book Bug In Verizon iPhone 4s On iOS 5.0.1

Fix Verizon iPhone 4s contact bug issue on iOS 5.0.1. Does your iPhone experience contact bug issue, to which it's unable to recognize your contacts or there is no name of the person who calls or texts you instead only its number appears? If it does, no worry many people have reported the problem too, which means you are not alone.

Firstly it was Paul Hontz from The Startup Foundry, and the problem covers up the iPhone 4s using Verizon Network and those who updated to iOS 5.0.1 via over-the-air. Here is a little hint:

Fix Verizon iPhone 4S Contact Bug Issue On iOS 5.0.1

And since you have already known the root of the problem and now it is time to know how to fix contact bug issue or address issue on Verizon iPhone 4s Running On iOS 5.0.1:

  1. Dial *228 on your device (A Verizon programming number)
  2. You need to push “1” to “Program or Activate”
  3. Once the call disconnects, open task manager by clicking on your Home Button twice quickly
  4. Close your Phone, Message and Contacts Apps
  5. After 5 minutes, open your Message App to verify fix
However not all users found the above steps work for them, some went along reporting to the Apple Support Forums and were told to press option "2" after dialing *288 might solve the problem. But if still does not work for you, then you must restore your data.

Anyway, no worry you won't lose your contacts, it's just your device is unable to recognize your contacts and associate them with their phone numbers listed inside your address book.

 Hope Apple will release fix for this bug in the next iOS update along with any remaining battery problems.

Via: RedmondPie.


Helpful, but more helpful if you had mentioned that you must double click the home button twice QUICKLY. I had to go to another site to figure that out.

Thanks Anonymous, I have edited the post, cheers!

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