Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Change Font Type In Android SmartPhones

You want to change the font type of your Android based phone? Of course you can, beside nothing can not be modified or altered in Android phone, am I right?

That goes to changing your font type too, and there are two apps that can do the job, however your Android phone must already been rooted because the apps I would like to share here require root access. For Samsung Galaxy Note, you can root your device here.

Two Android Apps for font-changing

1. Font Changer App.

The features:
  • Screen density can be altered
  • Font preview
  • Others elements such as shadows, size and others may be customized

The screenshot:

Font Changer Android Phone App

2. Type Fresh

The features:
  • Apply selected TTF fonts to the system
  • Backup system fonts to /sdcard/Fonts
  • Restore backed up fonts from /sdcard/Fonts
  • Place any TTF files you have in /sdcard/Fonts for easy access


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