Sunday, November 13, 2011

How To Root Android Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Are you an Samsung Galaxy Note owner who wants to root your mobile device, then you can follow this tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note's root will take ODIN method. So let's get started:

Before continue, you are going to need these:

2. Netchips CWM recovery kernel
3. Superuser zip file

Install Galaxy Note drivers to your computer by connecting your mobile device to your computer using USB cable, and your computer will install the drivers automatically. You are going to repeat the process, once with USB debugging turned off, and the other with the option turned on.

It's highly recommended to backup your files, just in case something unwanted happens, then you can restore.

Root Samsung Galaxy Note And Install CWM Recovery:
  1. Launch ODIN.
  2. Hit on PDA and choose the CWM recovery that you have downloaded from the above download link.
  3. Uncheck ‘Re-partition’ option if it's checked.
  4. Turn OFF your Galaxy Note and later put it in Download mode.
    • Press the Home and Volume Down buttons at the same time, then continue to press and hold Power button down until the warning message appears.
    • Now follow the onscreen instructions and put your phone into download mode by pressing the VOLUME UP key.
  5. Now, connect your device to your PC via USB cable once again for ODIN to recognize the mobile device.
  6. Hit Start in ODIN to begin the flashing process.
  7. The ‘Pass’ message will appear in ODIN.
  8. In this phase you will see your Galaxy Note reboot, therefore disconnect the device over your computer.
  9. Boot your phone into recovery mode. The procedure to do this is the same as described for the Download Mode in Step 4 above, except that instead of VOLUME DOWN button, use VOLUME UP button.
  10. When your device in ClockworkMod Recovery, go to ‘Install zip from sdcard’ option, continue to choose the Superuser zip file you have downloaded above.
  11. After Superuser is fully installed inside your device, it will reboot, following which your Galaxy Note will be rooted.

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accidentally checked the "Re-partition" and now CWM is installed but it went into the infinite loop...

I can go back to recovery mode, and did a factory reset/data wipe

Now it's brick. E:\Cannot find \sdcard

check out for backround information about rooting an android. VERY HELPFUL.

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