Saturday, April 21, 2012

How To Fix iBooks Configuration Error On iOS 5.1 iPhone, iPad

If you are now facing iBooks configuration error on iOS 5.1, the cause of the problem is Apple has put a security measure on iBooks's file system against jailbreak. Therefore this problem only occurs on iPhone, iPad who have been jailbroken and the devices are running on iOS 5.1

So in this post we are trying to fix iBooks configuration error on iOS 5.1 as the result the iBooks will be working as it was before your device being jailbroken. And let's fix it.

How to fix iBooks error on iOS 5.1 iPhone and iPad

iBooks App Error
Step 1. Delete your existing iBooks app!( deleting app can be done with touch the application and hold your finger on it till the app's icon get shaken, then touch the X on the top left corner)

Step 2. Now open App store, download iBooks again

Step 3. Launch iFile (it's a jailbroken app available in Cydia) and head to: /var/mobile/applications/iBooks.

Step 4. Hold your finger on, keep it until you see a short menu appears and then tap on select!

Step 5. Now click Edit, then choose Copy/Link via copy board icon you see from the bottom right hand corner.

Step 6. Now, you need to go to root "/" to choose or tap on applications.

Step 7. Hold your finger down, wait till an option to paste appears. Then paste the folder to this directory.

Step 8. Go inside the new folder: to choose info.plist.

Step 9. Now choose "property list viewer" and continue by selecting "CFBundleIdentifier ".

Step 10. Now it's time to make a little change. Switch "" into "".

Step 11. Exit from iFile now, continued with respring your iOS devices.

Step 12. Again your rounded iBooks icon, once you've done than. Then respring your device again.

Step 13. Congratulation! You have fixed the iBooks Configuration Error on iOS 5.1. The app should be working fine now!


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