Saturday, April 21, 2012

Create Bootable USB Flash Drive Of Mac OS X Lion 10.7

Albeit Apple has released an official bootable USB for Mac OS X Lion 10.7, but it's not free and cheap either. It takes your a $69 to get this bootable USB. Therefore in this post we will learn how to create or make bootable USB drive for Mac OS X Lion 10.7.

In this installation of Mac OS X Lion 10.7 via Flash Drive or DVD guide, we will be utilizing Disk Utility and App Store installer. And save you bucks!

Mac OS X Lion

Create Or Make Mac OS X Lion 10.7 Bootable USB Flash Drive

Place the Lion InstallESD.DMG File

Step 1.Go to this folder: Application once the download of Lion is complete, within the folder search and find the Install Mac OS X Lion.pp file. Now right-clicking on the file to choose Show Package Contents.

Step 2. Navigate to this path: Contents > SharedSupport directory. Copy and paste this file: InstallESD.dmg to your desktop.

Now format your USB.

Step 3. Make a backup to your data, before formatting your system.

Step 4. Now connect your USB flash drive to your Mac.

Step 5. Via Applications launch Disk Utility.

Step 6. On the Disk Utility's left pane, choose the connected USB and click on Partition tab.

Step 7. Via the Volume Scheme dropdown menu, choose 1 Partition.

Step 8. Enter a name for the USB and then you must Choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Step 9. At the bottom window, click on Option button. Choose GUID Partition Tab and then hit OK. Now implement on Apply at the buttom right of the start formatting.


Step 10. Double-click on InstallESD.dmg (that you copied onto your Mac desktop) to mount the Lion disk image (mounted InstallESD.dmg should appear on Disk Utility application and desktop);

Step 11. On the desktop, double click on InstallESD.dmg in order to mount the disk image of Lion.

Step 12. Choose the plugged USB On the Disk Utility's left pane and place it into the Restore tab.

Step 13. Click to drag the IMac OS X Install ESD via left pane and place it into the Source field.

Step 14. Drag the USB drive via left pane, to drop it into the Destination field.

Step 15. Be sure the USB drive is right, don't choose the wrong one. Click on Restore button.

Step 16. The Lion 10.7 image will be restored to the USB Flash drive. Therefore wait til restoration complete.


Step 17. While your USB drive is plugged into Mac, then reboot the Mac.

Step 18. When the OS X start-up sound is heard then hold down the alt/option key.

Step 19. Now you can select the USB Flash Drive to be rebooted.

Step 20. You will now see the on-screen instructions to install OS X Lion, then follow them.


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