Monday, December 19, 2011

Screenshot Dam To Prevents iPhone ScreenShots Being Uploaded To iCloud Storage

There is a new handy utility from Cydia, namely Screenshot Dam, that is created to save space in your iCloud depot over screenshot taking. We know when we take a screenshot on iPhone, it's also automatically uploaded to iCloud photo stream. That's what this tweak is all about, it will cleverly identify the screenshot as a different stuff from other photos, therefore the screenshot will not be placed into the your photo stream to prevent it being jumbled with a mass of screenshots from your device home screen and others.

ScreenShot Dam Cydia App BigBoss

In my humble opinion, it is not hype if calling this Screenshot Dam as the amazing tweak, right?! That iPhone and other iOS devices owners must have it -- I mean those who have jailbreaken their devices of course -- because it's an jailbreak app. So for those who have their eyes been itchy with the cluttered images on their iCloud storage. You can download the Screenshot Dam app from Cydia, under the BigBoss repository.


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