Saturday, January 21, 2012

Download Modified HuluPlus Apk To Open Hulu Access For Most Android Phones

If your Android device does not support Hulu plus Application then you need to try this modified version of the Hulu .APK file which will likely support your device, as the result you will gain access to Hulu's movies on your mobile phone and enjoy the movies there.

Anyway, huluplus.apk only gives you access, but still you need to pay for subscription to watch the paid content there. This app only takes you there, the rest is yours, you still can view free gallery offered by Hulu, no worry they are awesome.


One more thing this modified huluplus.apk does not take rooting your Android device, so doesn't effect your phone's warranty. HuluPlus.apk has been confirmed to work on most Android based phone and if you are interested please follow the download link below.

Download the modified Hulu Plus APK (Mediafire link).

Want to see the demo video of this modified huluplus.apk? Go ahead!

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Via XDA forum.


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