Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fix iPhone 4s Battery Issue With iOS 5 Battery Fix

This Cydia tweak was created to extend battery life performance of iPhone, namely iOS 5 Battery Fix and listed in Insanelyi repository. And iOS 5 Battery Fix is offered for $4.99 - unfortunately.
Fix iPhone 4s Battery Life Issue
iOS 5 Battery Fix is advertised will maintain your iPhone's battery longer and fix battery issue in some extent to help iOs device enjoy playing with their iPhone 4s more, like using Siri and playing game based A5 device.

I have not tried this tweak, however according report of those who have this tweak installed on their device say it results amazing effect to their iPhone 4s's battery and received battery improvements.

To get iOS 5 Battery Fix tweak installed to your iPhone 4s, you need to register as VIP member at Insanelyi forum or repository for $4.99 and of course jailbreak it first. Follow the following tutorials.

Well if you are looking for app to extend and preserve your iPhone battery durability then why don't you try iOS 5 Battery fix.

So how to get this iOS 5 Battery Fix tweak?
  1. Register for VIP subscription via this Insanelyi URL:
  2. Once your VIP is activated read their guide to get VIP packages here: 
  3. First off, prepare $4.99.


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