Tuesday, July 17, 2012

iLostFinder Cydia Tweak Takes iPhone Thief Picture And Email The Picture

iLostFinder Cydia tweak. Having an iPhone can be risk, because thief are out there waiting for our slovenliness, once they have a chance they won't think twice to use. Our iPhone is gone! But there is something we can do to face such unwanted situation, we can use a Cydia tweak namely iLostFinder.

iLostFinder will take a picture of a thief of your iPhone, if the thief enter the incorrect password and then email the picture to us.


iLostFinder can be found under Bigboss Repository and considerred as good security tweak for our iOS devices. Therefore, to prepare ourselves from the unwanted and unexpected situation I mentioned on the first paragraph, we don't you grab this tweak.

Hope this post helps and see you in the next posts.


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