Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Download Seas0nPass Update To Support Apple TV iOS 5.0.2 Firmware

To respond the release of iOS 5.0.2 firmware for Apple TV yesterday, and after the firmware was found vulnerable against Pod2G untethered exploit, FireCore decided to update their Apple TV jailbreak tool, which is Seas0nPass in order to bring support toward the Apple TV 2G iOS 5.0.2 Build 9B830 firmware Untethered jailbreak.

FireCore tweeted this news via their official Twitter to announce everyone the food is ready to be eaten:

As the SeasonPass placed on our table to consume, then you are pleased and invited to update to the iOS 5.0.2 firmware for your AppleTV 2G (Not 3G). But one thing you need to keep in mind, there is no official changelog and clue yet what Apple has brought to their latest AppleTV firmware.

You can download Seas0nPass update in order to jailbreak iOS 5.0.2 firmware Apple TV 2G untethered from the following links based on your existing operating systems:

Download Seas0nPass for Windows.

Download Seas0nPass for Mac OS X.


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