Monday, December 19, 2011

Siri And Santa Claus In Intimate Partnership In This Year Christmas EVE Ad

Siri helps Santa Claus this year by directing him on the next kid house direction, telling the weather condition on the places Santa will head to, and the schedule too of course, and you know what? Santa has 3.7 billion appointments to deal with. And looks like Siri has been a good assistant to him.

The first paragraph lines were taken from the Apple commercial ad to welcome the Christmas Eve this year, and it is a remarkable ad that raises attentiions from the people world wide, especially on the Youtube to which the video has almost 1.2 millions views while I am writing this post. Well, therefore people wants Siri, because this girl really is worth taking to. Isn't she?

Siri And Santa Claus Ad

Watch this commercial ad of Apple presenting an intimate partnership between the Santa Claus and the Siri:

What do you think guys?


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