Saturday, April 21, 2012

Root Transformer Prime Firmwares With SparkyRoot Apk

An XDA developer member, namely SparkyM3 recently released a tool named SparkyRoot to root all types of Transformer Prime firmwares except v9.2.1.17, the tool will easily root the firmware after an apk file is installed and can be done with only one click.

Asus Transformer Prime

And currently this root app supports the following firmwares and prime's type:
  • v9.4.2.15 for the TF201
  • v9.2.1.11 for the TF101
And as for v9.2.1.17 is reported to have get rid this exploit, however the developer can't confirm the report.

SparkyM3 work is based on the busbox exploit found by another XDA member forum, rhcp0112345. And in the next release, SparkyRoot apk will include unroot method along with rootkeeper utility. Anyway let's root Transformer Prime ICS 4.0.3 using SparkyRoot APK.

Go to this page to download and then to install SparkyRoot
Click step 1, Exploit (will move the files around and replace the busybox file)
Click step 2, Open up the ASUS App Backup tool and backup your apps
Return to this app and Click step 3 Install SuperUser to install SuperUser app
Click step 4, Cleanup, will cleanup all of the temporary files
Enjoy, your Transformer or Transformer Prime will get rooted.

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