Monday, January 23, 2012

CyanogenMod App Store, Will Sell Unauthorized And Root Apps For Android

If jailbreakes have Cydia, why there is no similar app store for rooted Android phone users? If that's have been your perennial question, today it's answered. You will have unofficial market for your Android device, who have been firstly rooted of course.


A CynogenMod developer, Koushik Dutta is the man who will actualize that. It's said, presenting Android unofficial market for Android users have been his long time wish. Similar to Cydia, this unauthorized app store will be a realm to stores and accommodates root applications. Those apps who have been taken down, or carrier intervention are included too.

Albeit it's not generally difficult to for applications to be approved in Android Marketplace, yet that does not mean all Applications are approved without certain standard and can be removed without further reason, beside this marketplace will only list root applications for rooted Android phone.

The marketplace will bundle the store with CyanogenMod, and the partial income from app sales will be used to fund the development project, however it would also be available for inclusion by any other ROM.


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