Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How To Create Jailbreak Apps And Cydia Tweak

Do you want to create your own Cydia tweak or Jailbreak apps maybe? However you don't feel too confident enough to do so because with your current programming and coding knowledge you believe you will fail and you think you are not that good.

Kick out your worry, because now there is a chance for you. Yes, there is a tool namely iOSOpenDev that will make you able to create and develop jailbreak packages using Apple's Xcode interface.

He is Spencer James, iOS developer who released iOSOpenDev, that will make you able to create jailbreak tweaks, also Activator listeners, dynamic libraries, SBSettings toggles, Notification center widgets, with Xcode templates. And if you want to submit your tweak to Cydia, then iOsOpenDev will build .deb files for your completed tweak.


Currently iOSOpenDev is in version 1.0.x and still in beta stage. Therefore expect bugs. However, if you find ones or simply want to throw your feedback, you can email the developer here dev@iosopendev.com.

Do you want to download iOSOpenDev? You can visit its homepage here and learn more.

Via iDownloadBlog.

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