Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jailbreak BlackBerry PlayBook With DingleBerry B 0.5.1

Do you want to jailbreak your BlackBerry Playbook? Your wish is come true, because the newest DingleBerry Beta 0.5.1 already been released. First off, it's good to find out what you will get from jailbreaking your Playbook.

After you have jailbreak the Blackberry Playbook with DingleBerry you will gain root access of your Tablet and brings the Android Market to the RIM's tablet and then doing something else under Admin rule.

However this DingelBerry tool is in the early stage, so don't expect too much and too high, do it own your risk. I am not responsible for any damages or bricks caused after you jailbreak your Playbook.

Jailbreak BlackBerry Playbook With DingleBerry B 0.5.1

1. Download DingleBerry B 0.5.1 from this link.
2. Extract the .zip file, and run it.
3. You will see login form windows appears, then fill it with your IP address and Password (go to your Settings and About and then Network).
DingleBerry Asks IP And PassWord

4. Enable your Wi-fi file sharing and password protected sharing

5. Run the DinggelBerry and start to root your Playbook.

Hope this post helps you.


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