Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Demo Video Of BlackBerry Playbook By Mike Lazaridis

Video Mike Lazaridis Demo BlackBerry Playbook

Finally there is a real demo video of BlackBerry Playbook, the first RIM tablet Computer. When it was announced we had not have a chance to witness its performance and ability clearly, but now Mike Lazaridis all by himself shows the slate's ability at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference and it's recorded into video which you can watch now.

In the video you will see the Playbook's instant response on every touch occurs - just like that - touch it you will get the new opened app! And of course the multitasking ability which makes you able to open and running multiple apps at the same time, without effecting the tablet's performance.

Lazaridis also emphasizes the size of 7 inch is perfect size - no need bigger or smaller than this QNX-powered tablet - no lack of the performance to watch even for watching a movie. So, just watch the demo video of Blackberry Playbook below:

Judging with the video looks like the Playbook is ready for release, how about for Christmas Mike, will it be available?

Oh one more thing, you can examine Blackberry Playbook specifications too! In Q1 2011 and in Q2 worldwide is the date expected the device will be launched in the US.


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