Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Android Windows Boot Tool To Choose Android Or Windows OS On HTC HD2

Having a freedom is human-basic need, including the ability to choose what Operating System to use even in one place. Based on that idea, dual boot tools are created to allow us selecting which one between two platforms we would like to use. Like this dual boot tool from LePocketPC, Android Windows Boot, you are granted the ability to boot either into Windows or Android using your Windows Mobile handset.
You will be presented with the screen between WM or Android to selecting the OS:
Dual Boot Android Or Windows Mobile

The tool is solely created for HTC HD2. Having Windows Mobile to controls your device applications is awesome, but with Android along will be more productive IMO. And one thing about the tool is, after 30 seconds you have not made any choice it will choose the OS for you automatically based on the last used OS.

Interested? You can find more about AndroidWindowsBoot tool via XDA-Forum.


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