Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How To Setup Or Edit APN Settings On iPhone, iPad

Here is step by step guide to setup or edit APN settings for your non-jailbreak iPhone and jailbreak iPhone and iPad.

These steps written here will help you setting up APN if you found it hard to do so on your iPhone.

The reason for this trouble during editing APN settings on your device, it's the ability Apple has given to internet service provider in disabling the APN setting, to which your device is automatically connected to their network and then charging you for data access.

As the result there is no way editing the APN settings if the provider has them set by default. So your previous attempt in unlocking your iPhone will be pointless, as it's paralyzed in accessing internet by your network service provider that forbids to you to make any APN setting editting.

These are two main reason why you want to edit your APN settings.
  • To be able accessing the internet.
  • To reduce or avoid enormous data bill.

How to edit APN settings on Jailbreak iPhone.

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Search for the "APN Editing"
  3. Click and install the package to your device.
  4. Respring your iPhone, once the package is fully installed.
  5. Navigate to Data Network Tab on Settings > General > Network
  6. In this area you will be able to edit your APN settings to match with your existing network provider. Do know your APN settings? Visit this link then.
  7. Finish!

How to setup APN settings on non-jailbreak iPhone.

  1. Using your iPad or iPhone's browser to visit this url: http://help.benm.at/.
  2. And then click on Tether under Features.
  3. Again scroll down and click on the “Create your Own”
  4. Now fill the APN settings from your Operator or from this url.
  5. And then click on Download button.
  6. Reboot your device after it's installed.
  7. Finish.
Congratulation now you have edited APN settings of your iPhone or iPad.


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