Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How To Convert ClipBoard Text To MP3 File With Read4Me Clipboard Reader

How to convert ClipBoard Text To MP3. Here is a handy and open source tool you can download to convert clipboard text to MP3 file, and then after the text is converted you can listen to it. This goodies's name is Read4Me TTS Clipboard Reader.

The text is red using a pre-installed SAPIS TTS voice, once you press a hotkey. You are also given the ability to set your hotkeys multiply for voices, languages, speech rates and also voice volume. Therefor your text to MP3 converting activity will be fun.

After the Read4Me is downloaded, and then launch it and you will see four tabs as options whether you want to choose Convert to MP3, Settings, Get Voices and Speak Text.

Interested? You can download it now:

Download Read4Me TTS Clipboard Reader.


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