Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Asus Transformer Prime Gets Android ICS Via OTA

Looks like ASUS has rolled out the ICS update earlier than it's scheduled, as it's being reported the company has set the update available via software update menu via your Transformer Prime device, and then download the Ice Cream Sandwich from there.

Frankly according the official schedule the ICS update to Asus Transformer Prime will be next two days, January 12 precisely, but what we got now is otherwise!

Of course no body minds with this two-days earlier update, right?

Asus Transformer Prime Get Android ICS

Asus made this move probably to appease the Transformer Prime users who were feeling discontent at CES, for a newer better spec-ed Prime TF700T with its 1080p. So to keep their customers happy, this Taiwan-based company announced this wonderful schedule changing on NVIDIA's press conference at CES last night.

But before you are hitting to OTA upgrade it's best to firstly save your existing root access with OTA RootKeeper, you won't lose it since the upgrade will break Transformer Prime root access. Download it via Android Market.

So have you updated to Android Ice Cream Sandwich?


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