Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When Will BlackBerry PlayBook Be Available Or Released In United States (US)?

BlackBerry PlayBook

If you are asking on when will the new professional-grade BlackBerry PlayBook be available or released on the United States (US), this post is intended to answer to that question. According Blackberry official site, the Blackberry Playbook will available on US in early 2011. Here is the quotation I took from RIM press release official site:

The BlackBerry PlayBook is expected to be available in retail outlets and other channels in the United States in early 2011 with rollouts in other international markets beginning in (calendar) Q2.

And the Canadian wireless device company is scheduled start to cooperate with chosen customers and developers next month in order to begin development and early testing efforts. And the Blackberry Tablet OS SDK will be released in the next weeks and, if you are developers, you can use this url address: www.blackberry.com/developers/tabletos to register and get the early access.


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