Sunday, January 1, 2012

Port Android 4.X Ice Cream Sandwich To Nook Color

This is a how to port Android 4.x to the non-Ice Cream Supported device, of course this kind of heavy lifting job is from nowhere but XDA Forum -- at least most of the time. This time Nook Color device was chosen and will take the honor for Android ICS installation or porting.

Before step further to port Andrord ICS to Nook Color, read this: No one will be responsible for any data loss, device damaged or bricked, or even the death of your cat's father after you probably "hit the wrong button". Thus what shall happen, is entirely at your own risk and you are own your own.
Android ICS Ported Nook Color

One more thing this is very much in the development stages and is a work in progress. The following are reported not working:
  • sound
  • video
  • full 2d acceleration (esp on complex web pages)
  • and much much more
How to port Android 4.X Ice Cream Sandwich to Nook Color device with CyanogenMod 9 build or Android Sandwich ROM:

  1. Firstly, get CyanogenMod 9 ICS Rom from this link, then place it under /sdcard of your Nook Color.
  2. Boot into CLockworkMod Recovery. But remember before doing so, it is recommended to firstly take nandroid backup, this way you can switch back to your existing setting if unwanted situation happen after CM9 flashing.
  3. On main menu now choose wipe data / factory reset to wipe all data.
  4. Flash the room, by heading to install zip on sdcard and then:
  5. On main menu choose reboot system now.
For further delving, XDA forum is there!


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