Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Free Spire Siri Proxy And How To Get Legit Spire Siri Proxy Server

Siri, this one name always on the mind of people who want to have the hot voice of sexy lady integrated with voice assistant app. Albeit Siri is reported can make you bankrupt that does not matter. Stiff efforts from hackers and developers to present this hot voice to non A5 devices is apparently nearing the light.

Because there is a good new, now we have a good people, WouterDS using his own hard-earned money to set a dedicated Siri proxy server for anyone to use!

Remember on Spire GUI? Yes the unchangeable requirement to use that Cydia, you must have a Siri proxy to connect to Apple server. But of course that's another problem, since having the proxy one has to own an iPhone 4s in his hand, if that's so why would we need a Spire?

Free Siri Proxy Server iPhone

Back to this good people, they have set a site namely The Three Little Pigs, and inviting anyone to use their server for free, however they are also expecting donation. Of course and it's understandable as it's not cheap to handle thousands or might be more request, that would need a solid dedicated server, that's expensive.

So the donations from you will go to pay the hosting costs and keep the site maintained.

How to get Spire Siri Proxy Address:

Before anything else, jailbreak your iPhone first using Corona 1.0-8 or Redsn0w 0.9.10b5.

Step 1: Firstly you can install Siri Gui,

Step 2: Once the installation process completes, you can use the Three Little Pigs Siri proxy by visiting this URL

Step 3: And then download a certification to set a secure connection to the server, then download from this link.

Step 4: Open it using Safari on your mobile phone to install it. In case you are facing trouble to download the file, then download it via PC/MAX/Linux and email it yourself.

Step 5: Done.

You can visit the home page of the site here to donate or learn more!


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