Sunday, January 15, 2012

CDevReporter: Automatically Send Crash Reports To Chronic Dev Team

Want to help jailbreak community by sending an automatic crash report to Chronic-Dev team, then you must install CDevReporter from Cydia.

It is a Cydia version of the previous tool released 10 months ago by the jailbrea team to list crash reports they can use to discover vulnerability holes for jailbreak purpose.


However the previous method is done manually, this CDevReporter does the job in automatic manner which is to ease you in aiding the team in their jailbreak quest. And so far the tool has managed to collect a massive 10,000,000 crash reports and counting.

The tool is developed by one of iPhone developer Luke Young, and it runs as a background daemon, and it's listed under BigBoss repository in Cydia. Go get it then!


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