Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fix White Icon On Springboard After Absinthe Jailbreak

If you are one of the unlucky guy who is struggling to get rid of White icon on your springboard, after untethered jailbroke your A5 device using Absinthe, there is a Cydia tweak called iWipe Cache for you.

Of course after undergoing several updates by Chronic Dev Team, Absinthe is reaching its peak and it comes out without this bug anymore.

However, some users are still reporting they are still owning the White icon because of using the first release of Absinthe untethered jailbreak for A5 device.

And the condition is like an itch on their backs, each time viewing their springboard.

iWipe Cache Cydia

Albeit, I have not used iWipe Cache but the developer claims it wipes your home screen icon cache, you can try it and prove it by yourself if you like. Once you installed then running the iWipeCache, your device will respiring and all the cache will be cleansed!

However it is recommended to firstly enable a theme you wish to use before using this iWipe, so you won't work twice!

Interesting? Then launch Cydia, find iWipe Cache tweak under ModMy repository!


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