Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Install Installous 4 On iPhone 4s On iOS 5.0.1

Once you have broken the spell, then the rest of the road is yours. This happens on the jailbreak realm too, since Pod2G and all members of dream team managed to overcome the well-protected iPhone 4s stronghold, now we can install the Installous on iPhone 4s!

With Installous installed on your iPhone 4s you are able to give your hand on premium applications on the App store, before make a purchase.

In other words, try it before buying it. Albeit some people regard this one is unethical, yet we are to be sure our hard-earned money is spent for something worthy! This one the reason I decided to share the how to guide to install Installous 4 on iPhone 4s on iOS 5.0.1 software.

Installous 4 Cydia

Are you all for it? Then follow these instructions.

  1. Download Absinteh 0.3 for Windows and Mac.
  2. Jailbreak iPhone 4s unthered with Absinthe you've downloaded.
  3. Skip the first and second step if your iPhone 4s is already jailbroken.

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Then press Manage tab, afterward press Sources.
  3. Now press Edit button. Continued with pressing on the Add button at the top left portion of the screen.
  4. Place this Cydia/APT URL:, continued with pressing Add source to complete the process.
  5. Cydia will begin updating its repository list, it takes seconds. Once it completes, now search for Installous on the Search tab, placed at lower right from your screen. Type the Installous name on the provided search bar.
  6. Press the Installous 4 when it appears on the result page. In its detail page, press Install button that you will immediately see on the right corner.
  7. Once the installation completed, you can start searching for the cracked apps you can download, by launching Installous via Springboard.
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