Friday, December 30, 2011

How To Untether Jailbreak A Tethered JB iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad With Corona

If your iOS device have previously tethered jaibroke using Corona, and now you want to switch to untether jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1 with Corona. If that so, here is a how to guide to untether jailbreak your tethered jailbreak iOS.

Untether JB a tethered jailbroke iOS device using Corona.

1. Open Cydia by hitting its icon from your device's screen.
2. On your iPhone homescreen, choose Search to search for Corona package.
3. Type Corona as it is a package we need.

Search Corona In Cydia.png

4. Once Corona package appears, with its version and its description. Then hit install.

Install Corona Via Cydia Market

5. And then click on Confirm, to make the installation process take place.

Confirm Corona Installation

6.Finish the installation by clicking on Return To Cydia button.

Return To Cydia.png

7. The final step is rebooting your iPhone.

Congratulation now you have a shinny untethered iPhone in your hand.


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