Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fix Poor Wifi Reception / Connection On New iPad

The New iPad, just like other Apple's products, always be put into a hard scrutiny and then if they managed to find a shortcoming within, then it will be exposed, of course people expect everything will work for the money they spend to buy this good looking tablet. No body is willing to face the fact the device they bought doesn't meet their expectation, right? Sure you agree with me. It's all about satisfaction and to keep you away to become one of the Mesothelioma

Just like the poor wifi reception on the New iPad, Apple support forum has been surrounded with complaints concerning the wi-fi iss strangely slow no matter of the network they join. You might be experiencing this pain too, but don't worry there is a workaround for the said problem, it works, and it's worth a try.

Fix poor Wi-Fi connection / reception on New iPad.

If your Wi-Fi reception is awful and give you bad times, then try this simple fix.
  • Go to Settings and then General
  • Click on Network, then click on Wi-Fi
  • Tap the blue arrow next to the wireless router you are connected to
  • So in then next screen, click on Forget this Network
  • Now back to Wi-Fi, and join again the network you just forgot
Once you finished with the above steps, you will see a full reception bars, look at the upper left wifi indicator.

Full Wifi Reception New iPad

In rare case the above steps still don't give you full reception, so try this steps too as the last effort:

  • Go to Settings, tap General then Reset
  • Click on Reset Network Settings
  • Reboot your new iPad
  • Now connect your new iPad to a wireless network again
  • Resetting network preferences loses router passwords, be sure to have those handy beforehand.
This should fix the poor wifi reception on your new iPad. Hope it works for you.

Via OSXDaily.


Wifi can have poor connection to your device when you are far from the wifi hotspot perimeter area. So if you want stronger connection make sure that you are near on it.

Newer DSL and cable modems come with integrated wireless networking capability and are called modem routers.

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