Sunday, April 8, 2012

How To Make Or Receive Phone Calls On iPad Or iPod Touch

Do you have iPad or iPod touch, and want to use it to make or receive a phone call or send text message from those devices? Of course you can by the helps of these third party services which make you able to do those things.

The services I am talking now is Google Voice, Talkatone and Skype which will juggle the standard wi-fi iPad into a VOIP phone. Activities like make or receive phone calls or send or receive text messages can be done using iPad. And they are free apps, you can download without spending your money, also offer free calls between other users of the same services.

but if you want to make outside phone calls or send text messages to real phones you’ll need to pay for some cheap credits.

Or if you want to make outside calls to real phones, you will be charged with cheap credits. Now you can make a cheap confrence calling companies with these apps.

Download 4 free apps to make or receive phone calls with iPad or iPod touch. All the links below will take you to Apple store:

For the better experience using one of the above free apps, it's recommended to use Apple iPhone earphones that you can buy in Amazon.


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I dont know about calls, but if you really need to contact a cell from the Ipad, i send a Text message Through Slick website.



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