Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fix Unable To Check For Update An Error Occured While Checking For Software Update

If you are one of the unlucky iOS devices users who are experiencing error message for not being able to update your software wirelessly and receive this following message.

“Unable to check for update. An error occured while checking for a software update”.

Then you can try the troubleshoot suggested in this post, follow one of the steps below, to fix that error message.
  • Why not update your mobile software in iTunes. This one may fix the problem.
  • Go to setting to set your Wi-fi Off and then set it to ON again.
  • Or restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch again.
  • You can also use another workaround, like reset network setting, to do so navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  • How about alter or change DNS settings of yours. Navigate Settings > Wi-Fi, and click on the blue arrow that is appeared beside your current Wi-Fi network. Click the “DNS” field , fill this DNS servers;, (Google’s Public DNS) (This one can also be used to speed up Wifi on iPhone and iPad).Once it's done, now you can try the software update.
Hope this post helps and see you in another posts.


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