Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Speed Up iPhone, iPad Wifi Connection With DNS Servers

Speed up Wifi Connection for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with custom DNS. Having slow internet speed is something that I and you too avoid most, as we want to get where we wish as fastest as possible without delay or slow loading pages.

This situation is our most wanted, whether we are using PC or browsing with our mobile devices, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And whether we are using Wi-fi or non-wifi network connections. We want fastness, no fussiness.

Therefore, in this post I would like to share a tips to speed up your slow Wi-Fi connection on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The general culprit which causing this issue is related to wireless network changing. And to get out from this inconvenient slow Wifi connection to use custom DNS servers which are near to your domicile.

But you can also use the -- I think -- universal DNS serves that are proven reliable and Wifi connection boosters -- Google DNS Servers and OPen DNS Servers -- these are two DNS servers offered by me as solution and by many people.

You can try all of them to see which one that gives you speed most for iPhone and iPad Wifi connection. And this works for device older than A5, but it also said can work too for A5 devices. So have a try.

Here are the DNS servers.
  • Google DNS servers: and
  • OpenDNS servers: and
Here is how to add the DNS servers.
  • Go to Settings and then tap on WiFi.
  • Choose the network you like to place the custom DNS servers.
  • Click on the Numbers in DNS and type the custom DNS server.


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