Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Transfer Files Between iPhone To Nokia, Android, BB Also To Windows, Linux, Mac With AirBlue Sharing

There is an application namely AirBlue Sharing that allow you to transfer files like photo you've taken from iPhone to other phones types like Android, Nokia and Blackberry. And it uses Bluetooth to do so, and the speed it offers is up to 170kn/second. Is quite speed IMO.

Not just between phones, you can also exchange files with operating systems like Mac, Linux and Windows.

AirBlue Sharing also supports Wifi transfer between iOS devices, like you find in the AirDrop. So if you have two iPhone in the same LAN, AirBlue Sharing will utilize Wifi connection in order to transfer files and the transferring speed rate is several MB/S. Sending a video file can be done in matter of seconds.

Or if you don't have Wifi connection at all, like on road, this smart app will try to setup P2P wifi connection automatically between your iPhone, so sending files on this situation is piece of cake.

AirBlue Sharing

Features offered by AirBlue Sharing:

  • Transfer files between Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, MTK, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS devices.
  • Bluetooth transfer speed up to 170KB/s
  • WiFi P2P support for iOS transfer
  • WiFi P2P works even without a WiFi hotspot
  • Send/receive multiple files to/from multiple devices, you do not have to wait it to complete
  • Integrated with system apps like Photos, Contacts, iPods, Videos, Notes, iBooks and etc.
  • Send files from the _free_ iFile
  • Send files from apps supports “Open in …”
Video demo send file from iOS to Android.

Interested? You can download AirBlue Sharing 0.9.60 from this link. (Medifire link)


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