Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Run Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash On iPad

Do you want run Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash on iPad? Likely you do and probably you are one of the iPad users who are expecting Microsoft's kind decision to finally add Windows 7 app to the App Store, however so far there is no signs of that will be happening. Instead of waiting, you can skip into it and try what OnLive Desktop offers app.

OnLive Desktop app is offering you a fully functional Windows 7 desktop for your iPad with all the Microsoft Office 2010 goodness like Excel, Power Point, Word, also IE and not just that, your iPad can also run full featured adobe Flash in Internet Explorer.

OnLive Desktop is released and developed by a company, namely OnLive and this app is available both free and premium, the choice is yours to take. Therefore if you are curious how to run Microsoft Office on iPad, so this is it! You can try it.

Onlive Desktop App

However you need to do these 2 simple steps.

Step 1: Get the Onlive Desktop from iTunes.

Step 2: And then you need to create a free account in Olive.

So say welcome to Windows 7 for your iPad.


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