Monday, March 26, 2012

Enable Automatic Downloads For iTunes Store On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touches

In the previous I posted about how to enable iTunes automatic download on computer, and now I want to continue the post with enable automatic download on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Once you finished applying this tips you are able to download automatically purchases you bought from iBookstore, iTunes and App store instantly to your iOS devices.


  • Now press Settings > Store from your devic.
  • Now press Sign In -- skip this if you are already signed in to the iTunes Store.
  • Now enter your App Username, Apple ID and password.
  • Press On/Off switch to enable Automatic Download for items of your choice, like Music, iBooks or Apps.

Automatic Download iPhone


  • If you don't find iBooks as option in Automatic Downloads area, then you need to download iBooks and install it from the App Store.
  • You can also enable / disable Automatic Downloads on cellular network like Wi-Fi, 3G. Simply tap On / Off next to Cellular in Settings > Store. Cellular downloads are limited to a file size of 20 MB or smaller.

Hope this post helps you and see you again in another posts.


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