Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to enable iTunes Store Automatic Downloads On Computer Windows And Mac

Now I would like to share tips to enable automatic download item or applications you purchased from iTunes store, App store or iBookstore instantly to your PC or Mac computer. And this tips supports iTunes 10.3 3 and iOS 4.3.3 and higher (iOS 5.X) on iPhone 4 in CDMA Model. Once, you applied this tips you can automatically download applications to your computer.

Firstly we need to enable automatic download on the computer of yours for iTunes store, iBookstore, or App Store. Follow these steps:

1. Launch iTunes, and authorize your PC using your Apple ID, by going to Store > Authorize This Computer. (Skip this if your PC is already authorized).

2. And now it's time to set enable automatic download.

On Mac computers: Select iTunes > Preferences then press the Store tab.
On Windows computers: Select Edit > Preferences then press the Store tab.

3. Now, select or check which items you like to set for Automatic Downloads, whether its Music, Apps, or Books under "Automatic Downloads." Or check all of them!

Automatic Download iTunes For PC Computer

Remember this tips applies only for new purchases made after the automatic download enable.


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