Monday, March 26, 2012

Change Siri Language, Voice And Accent With AnyVoice Tweak

Change Siri language, voice and accent with AnyVoice? And do you want your Siri responds you in language other than English? Like your own language, for example. Sure you can have that pleasure -- however if your language is on the list among 30 other languages available of course.

Anyway it is a Cydia tweak namely AnyVoice, and it's currently available for free in Cydia under ModMyi repository. With AnyVoice you can customize Siri to pronounce the words into any accents of your choice, including from your own language.

So you don't need to wait for Apple adding more language of what already available languages, like English, French, German and Japanese.

But don't expect too much that AnyVoice will give an accurate response for your query, since it's still in the early stage of the development as this Cydia is only few days old since it's released to Cydia for the first time.

And the 30 languages can be selected from the Settings area (AnyVoice > Siri), and what makes me happy is this Tweak also lists mine -- Indonesian.


Now you can ask Siri give you response on language you use, just hope that it will give an accurate response. To have AnyVoice installed on your device, firstly jailbreak your iPhone, and iPod touch with the available jailbreak tools.

Below is the demo video of AnyVoice.

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