Monday, February 20, 2012

Install AssistantConnect And AssistantConnect4S To Bring Siri On iPhone 4, iPod Touch

So you have AssistantConnect tweak installed on your iPhone 4, and really want to have Siri functionality to the device. Fortunately you can.

However I would like to remind you once you managed to use Siri using this tweak, you are required to send the authentication data via your iPhone 4s for every 24 hours.

And we are going to install two tweak, one for iPhone 4s which is AssistantConnect4S and the other one is AssistantConnect for iPhone 4 and iPod touch.

And let's get started to install Siri on iPhone 4, iPod touch using AssistantConnect and AssistantConnect4S.

Install AssistantConnect4S on iPhone 4s.

1. Launch Cydia, then search "AssistantConnect4S"
2. Once you found it, install it and then Reboot your device.
3. Open AssistantConnect and close it
4. Reboot your iPhone 4s again
5. Open AssitantConnect again and then launch Siri
6. After running Siri, then "Email Siri Data"

Install AssistantConnect on iPhone & iPod touch Steps.

1. Launch Cydia, followed with searching for "AssistantConnect"
2. Install it and Respring
3. It might ask you to install Spire, which is also needed.
4. After both are installed. Open SBSettings
5. Tap "More" and go to Mobile Substrate Addons
6 . Turn Off "SpireHook" & SpireInjector
7. Make sure Siri is enabled in the Settings App
8. Go to your email that has the Siri data that was sent from the iPhone 4S
9. Tap on the attachment and tap on "Open in AssistantConnect"
10. Reboot and Done!

Install AssitantConnect on iPad Steps:

1. Go to iFile
2. Head to System/Library/CoreServices/
3. tap on K93AP.plist and use "Property List Viewer"
4. Tap on capabilities and find "iPad"
5. Turn it off and press Done
6. Reboot and begin the steps listed for the iPhone and iPod touch
7. Turn "iPad" option in iFile back on
8. Reboot and done.

Via: MacRumors forum.

Surely to use this tweak your device must be jailbroken first, read our tutorial to jailbreak iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G, iPad 1 untethered with Redsn0w.

And see you again in another post!


Thanks for the great article/tutorial! Could you please email me the Siri data? It would be really helpful to me as I have really looked forward to having Siri on my iPad. If you want, you can email it to Thanks for the fantastic information!

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