Monday, March 26, 2012

Port Xperia S UI To Xperia Play Extreme (Second Edition)

Changing from one phone device to another is general activity, there reasons of that decision can be various, one of which is the other device offers more compared to what we are owning. But there is a chance that we are regret the changing, and realized this is not fit to my need. So to avoid that from happening. You can bring the UI of the device you are currently thinking to buy to your existing device.

And in this post I would like to share a porting package for Android based device, which allow you to port Sony Xperia S UI to your Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Extreme - Second Edition. So you can run most of Xperia S UI and Applications.

This Mod is created by XDA forum member, namely jjkkyu and exclusively made for porting Xperia S UI elements to Xperia Play running on Android 2.3.6. Simply install the package in the zip from recovery and there is no need to back your data.

Port Xperia S To Xperia Play

And here is a list of the Xperia S components offered by the Mod.

  1. Xperia S style UI.
  2. Xperia S home lancher(modded to seven pages).
  3. Xperia S system app icons.
  4. Xperia S style phonebook, credit to Soheil_rf.
  5. Xperia S music player(Equilizier, SenseMe, Stereo, xLOUD all working).
  6. Xperia S Timescape and new Timescape widgets.
  7. Xperia S weather, switch tool, clock, music, smartcontacts widgets.
  8. Xperia S brower, email, calender, clock, calculator, power saver.
  9. Xperia S system default wallpapers.
  10. Xperia S system default livewallpapers(CosmicFlow & LiveEarth).
  11. Xperia S boot animation(Xperia logo).
  12. Xperia S closing charge animation.
  13. Xperia S Chinese keyboard.
  14. Xperia S lockscreen slidebar and time display adjustment.
  15. Xperia S system default themes.
  16. Xperia S style browser.
The mod also offers another goodness like make you able to restore the home screens to 5 screens and also features working Timescape. The installation is easy as it packed in the form of a recovery-flashable

You can download the mod from this link and for further detail you can visit the forum thread from this link.

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