Monday, March 26, 2012

Untethered Jailbreak iPad 3 On iOS 5.1 Demoed On Video

Here is another unterhet jailbreak exploit found for iPad 3 (New iPad) on iOS 5.1, previously the iPhone Dev Team via its active member Musclenerd displayed a jailbroken iPad 3 on iOS 5.1 screenshot on Twitter (read the new iPad is already jailbroken).

Now i0n1c a.k.a Stefan Esser publicly launched a video demonstrating an untethered jailbroken iPad 3 or the New iPad. The first announcement was from Twitter, telling that his untethered jailbreak exploit was successfully ported to the new iPad 3.

This iOnic's discovery has added another option of what already available methods to untehtered jailbreak the new iPad, in total we have three jailbreak methods.

And this is his notification.


And then here is the video.


where to download jailbreak tool for ios 5.1 on ipad 2....??????

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