Sunday, January 15, 2012

PlanetBeing Managed To Execute Unsigned Code On iPhone 4s, Latest A5 Untethered News

Perhaps you are asking yourself what else after this? Today, I want to inform you regarding the PlanetBeing recent's Tweeter's update to keep us notified the progress of A5 untethered jailbreak project, this time the man mentioning "unsigned code" he managed to execute on iPhone 4s running on iOS 5.0.1.

Back to the question on the first paragraph, what else after this unsigned code, I thought sandbox was the biggest rock. That was a similar question -- albeit not precisely like that - from several frustrated and impatient jailbreakers expecting the release of iPhone 4s untethered.

Now unsigned code? What is it? Unsigned code is the situation where you can execute an application that is not signed using a secret key.

And I understand the confusion might be appearing in your minds, because we are not sure what a jailbreaking process consist of. So no wonder, few jailbreaker revealing questions like is there a next step to be subdued before expecting the release? As many of us expecting it would be released in few days after the last Pod2G post indicating the A5 untethered is ready to roll out in a matter of days.

Sandbox is indeed the biggest rock, judging the way the PlanetBeing expressed when he tweeted about it. But keep in mind, the Biggest does not mean, the last one, surely there is (are) phase(s) more to pass. However the rest is a dust in the wind like, once the biggest one is conquered.

PlanetBeing Executed Unsigned Code On iPhone 4s

And this is a tough job, remember those nice men in Pod2G's Dream Team are trying their best to conquer the solid wall the Apple has built. Remember the company is Apple, the knew pretty well in making the wall strong. And those men are trying to beat it using any potential vulnerability found to jailbreak it. That's not an easy task folks.

What I am trying to say it, once they succeed to bring you the A5 untethered and present it on your table, they take you no charge not even a single penny, it's free. Therefore stop posing impolite words toward them. And be patient.

Anyway while make ourselves comfortable waiting for the release, it's better to do something you won't regret with, is upgrading your iOs to iOS 5.0.1 as it's recommended with Nadeem Ateyeh.


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