Saturday, January 21, 2012

Download Counter Strike For Android Phone

Want to play and download Counter Strike For Android Phone? Now you can play Counter Strike on your Android mobile phone, this Real Person Shooter game was firstly introduced at the beginning of 2000, since then received a huge buzz until the years of 2007 it's fade away if I am not mistakenly. Counter Strike was my favorite game, while I was in the high school and college, I used to play multiplayer mode with friends almost every day.

Enough talking about my past with Counter Strike, a XDA member has brought the entire game utility to Android based devices.

However not too excited yet guys, because currently the game only supports Android OS 2.0+ and Android 2.3+, if yours below the versions, unfortunately you are forced to halt yourself from playing this game, unless upgrade your phone to supports the mentioned Android OS.

Counter Strike For Android Phone

Let's see the features and FAQ of Counter Strike for Android.

  • New maps have been added
  • Installing fire button? Of course you can and install it anywhere you like.
  • Dislike a certain player while you are a host? Then kick him or them!
  • Aim fixed

FAQ (6u and 5o version can be seen through download links below).
  • Q: How about bots, will there any bots?
  • A: Sure, In 5o version only. (map singleplayer)
  • В: How to I jump?
  • О: You can't jump on the 5o version, but you can jump in 6u version.
  • В: Is it possoble to play on ARMv6 devices?
  • О: Yes, but you would have problems with graphics. (only in 5o version)

Download links.

Via XDA forum.


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