Friday, January 13, 2012

Ac1dsn0w Will Be Brought To Life With A4 Untethered JB

iMReload recently posted a Twitter update saying his tool Ac1dSn0w will soon receive upgrade, once he and the team member, under The Pwn Dev Team, received the iOS untethered exploits from Pod2G. And Pod2G has agreed to share the exploit with them.

iMReload will then release untethered jailbreak for A4 models. So we have plenty of options on table. That would be wonderful.

Yes it is about time Ac1dsn0w to show what is made for, after its long-enough slumber. Those are not familiar with the tool, Ac1dsn0w is a jailbreak tool for Mac OS only.

The tool first debut was not too smooth, its beta 1 version received negative responses from jailbreak community for copyright infringement for innumerable usage of Apple's code.

In the beta 2, the developer team claimed they had disposed of the Apple copyrighted materials from the tool and expecting jailbreaker to gave it a try the stabler version.

iMReal0ad A4 Untethered JB Ac1dsn0w

Beside A4 untethered, iMReload is also mentioning he probably will release A5 untethered jailbreak too after Pod2G ready to distribute it. Why not? Once Pod2G and the dream team released the A5 untethered this thing won't be impossible anymore.

iMReload Ac1dsn0w A5 Untethered JB

I hope they will improve their tool and present us a tool that work for everyone.

Via: iOS Untethered Jailbreak.


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