Friday, January 13, 2012

Apple Chooses Samsung And LG Display To Supply LCD Panels For iPad 3

Rumors and also contradiction reports come and go in welcoming the iPad 3 which is allegedly be released on March this year, not only the iPad 3 release date, the components within the tablet are consequently hot news too.

Recently according to Korean Electronics blog, Etnews, LG and Samsung are the chosen companies that will supply iPad LCD panels.

I thought there is something untoward in the relationship between Apple and Samsung...Sigh.

And Etnews gives more convincing statement that the news is already confirmed by their own industry source.

This has expunged the previous rumor that Sharp will be the LCD panels supplier. Etnews added, the Sharp has failed in initial supply, albeit the company was the first one on the list to develop display panels.

Sharp was proven failed to pass Apple's approval process when it came for mass production. Therefore its two contender -- Samsung and LG Display claimed the victory over the iPad 3 display panels development and supply.
iPad 3 Tablet

Etnews also gives a detail information regarding the resolution will be equipped to this 3rd generation, they say iPad 3 will feature a high resolution of XQGA (2048×1536), that is 4 times higher than iPad 2. And as for production starting, the Cuppertino has also formed partnership with Foxconn as OEM supplier to open sale soon after the disclosure.

And 63 million LCD panels will be delivered for iPad 3 from LG Display and Samsung in Q1 this year.


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