Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Recover From Bricked Nexus S After OTA Updates To GingerBread Or ICS

Recover on Nexus S brick after firmware update and get bootloaders back. Hey you have Ice Cream Sandwich or Gingerbread updated for you Nexus S via OTA from T-Mobile, however after few hours feeling happy for having the amazing Android OS installed to your device, but suddenly you realize something is terribly wrong happening. Oh my God my lovely Nexus S is bricked and lose your bootloaders. That's bad, if the situation is what you are experiencing now. Perhaps this post could help.

The two folks from XDA developer, AdamOutler and Rebellos has brought a linux tool to solve your problem, namely Revision 37 of the UnBrickable Resurrector. And in this post I am sharing the how to guide to get your bootloaders back and to recover from Nexus S brick problem.

How to recover from Nexus S brick and get back bootloaders

Before diving into the tutorials, prepare yourself with these:
Oke I regard you are fully prepared now it's time to the instructions section:

  1. In Ubuntu you've downloaded earlier, right-clicking on the UnBrickableResurrectorR38.jar, click properties>Permissions>"Allow executing file as program"
  2. Connect your Nexus S device
  3. Right-click on the resurrector, open with Java, and observe the following image.
    Recovery The Bricked Nexus S.png
  4. Now choose "S5PC110 (Nexus S) that appears on the drop down -- see the image above.
  5. Hit the Download Mode button. And enter your password, this will be asked by The resurrector to get the Linux device access.
  6. Therefore enter the password of yours, and followed by holding the proper key combination on your device to get the Fastboot or Download mode access.
Regarding the Fasboot or Download Mode access, you will eventually access to one of them depends on button combination you select and then hold. And as for Download Mode, AdamOutler suggests to create a Windows Virtual Machine and launch Odin or using Heimdall. And to get easier road, Fasboot is the perfect choice.

Via: XDA forum.

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Finally recoverd my nexus s..thnx for the help..!!

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