Saturday, December 24, 2011

How To Make iPhone, iPad Home Button More Responsive

Your iPhone is a one or two years old now? Is your iPhone's responsiveness getting annoying and it's getting often lately especially on the home button part? The general cause to the said problem is software based. If that's your current complain toward your iOS device, and this post contain might be a fix. Why don't you try the guide I am about to share in this post to recalibrate your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad's Home button to be more responsive and not sluggish.
iPhone Home Button Not Responsive

How to make your iPhone Home Button to be more responsive:

  1. We need to use a stock iOS app from your device, any of them for example Youtube, Stocks, Calender or Weather.

  2. After your chosen stock app is running then hold the Power button, keep holding it until "slide to power off" shows up and then release the Power button and immediately continue the process with holding the Home button until "slide to power off" disappears.

  3. Congratulation you have managed to recalibrate your iPhone Home button, which means now your iPhone, iPod and iPad's Home button will be more responsive, of course not as responsive as you bought for the first time, at least it will react before your start yawning :).
A second option, if you are audio visual type bloke, then you can watch the tutorial via video:

Via: iDownloadBlog.


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