Monday, December 19, 2011

Install Google Wallet To Verizon Galaxy Nexus Without Rooting

Here is an .apk file that is released recently that will work 100% better with the previously released flashable zip file to gain access to Google Wallet for LTE Galaxy Nexus device running on Android 4.0.2. And thanks to one XDA developer, Stigy, to make the Google wallet porting on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus without root.

Google Wallet On Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Now the question is why Verizon does not include the Google Wallet NFC-based digital wallet? Speculation is thrown to us that currently Verizon is working its own mobile wallet payment tool taking the ISIS as its partner to compete with other multinational telecommunications corporations like T-Mobile and AT&T, however the company denied the speculation.

So to get the the Google Wallet on your Verizon Google phone, you can download the .apk file from this link:

Download: from MediaFire

It does not require you to root your device, it will load nearly similar like any non-Market app and takes the Android 4.0.2 running on your device. However if you previously flashed the .zip file, then you need to firstly have to return to a backup pre-Wallet, or else this .apk will not be working.

XDA Developer.


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