Monday, December 19, 2011

Download Nexus Notification Sound For Android Device

Here is a Nexus sound you can download to be notification sound for your Android Nexus device, this notification is created by one Droid-Life readers who after the blog's contributor, Kellex, complained about the 2010 style Droid sound on its tweet. So the reader took an initiative to make a notification sound for Nexus that of course not so 2010.

Android Droid Nexus Notification Sound.png

Do you want it too? Take it this to replace the "Drrroooiid" sound, then download the mp3 file of it from this link.

And here is short guide to make this notification sound appears on the Sounds list, use file manager like Astro to transfer the file you've downloaded from Downloads area to Notifications.

Thanks to Android-Life and Joe Mckinney.


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